Year 2016 Economic Recovery Plan

Save America Now: A Clear and Present Threat

 Our commerce today, conceals the biggest threat to our freedoms provided to our society, by our Constitution. Our industries and technologies are being sold, right in front of our eyes! The United States of America, once the strongest manufacturer and leading economy in the world is now in enormous debt, primarily to a single foreign power. A debt, cunningly achieved by the loopholes found in our unique democracy and our ability to attend to these immediately, in response.

This factor alone is a call for patriotism to plan the first line of defense.

Americans, fooled by the triumph of globalization, spoiled in the luxury to exploit sales driven by short term investor profit and fierce competition, have led to the current crisis. Even industries such as electronics, once trusted products of Japan, now surrender their manufacturing and intelligence to China’s new dynasty. Our country was led to believe that the new markets for commerce would be to educate our world society to alternate power, solar power as an example. However, even today, we are not geared to manufacture solar panels in the USA while China’s factories now control both our technology and that new spectrum of products that were to bring new jobs to our country.

Over the past 30 years, more than 57,000 US companies have quietly left for foreign domicile. Thousands of American household names, thought to be American, from AT&T to Zale Corporation, from Harley Davidson to Starbucks, all have factories in China or contract factories, manufacturing in China. Our intellectual property, manufacturing technology and science are all protected under US and international patent laws. However, when a single sovereign power does not respect these rights and steals them to advantage itself to a position where it can control and possibly threaten our very food-supply-chain, we have a hostage economy.

This nation’s debt to China is a real and present threat to our country now. There is a war brewing and the forces are landing in our harbors. China maintains Armed Forces that are 10 times larger than our own. What is at stake is the future of our country and perhaps the future of the entire free world for a weakened America imperils world peace and stability. We must join forces with our allies in England, Australia etc. to overcome the cunning rise of the new Chinese dynasty

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