APM Mission Statement


The American Patriot Memorial (APM) is dedicated to working towards the creation of and promotion of effective and well-supported veterans’ assistance programs—their invested rights—in recognition of their honorable service as well as the promotion of patriotism in the youth of America.

How we will affect this mission:

  • We will work to bring currently existing programs together to coordinate their efforts to better provide comprehensive care for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of our veterans and their families.
  • APM is committed to working to get veterans into appropriate living facilities and becoming active participants in their communities.
  • APM will work with local governments to foster relationships with elected officials so that they are open to projects committed to restoring veterans to their rightful place in the fabric of society.
  • To encourage patriotism, as a necessary support for our veterans, APM will work to educate the youth of America as to their personal relationship to the United States. It seeks to teach them what their rights are, and how to exercise those rights. These efforts include the promotion of educational programs that teach basic civic duties, as well as the vital role of the individual in keeping this nation free.
  • APM will also focus its efforts on first-generation immigrant children to give them the chance to fully embrace their new nation and be seen as the major contributors to its future that they represent, by helping them with their education and job opportunities.