About the American Patriot Memorial

 Founded in 2009, the APM Foundation has made great strides with much success. After 8 years of hard work within the City of Tucson and the City of South Tucson we have become an American Patriot Memorial Beacon.  

The members of the APM are pleased to announce that we have:

  • organized the first Business Association of South Tucson;
  • established an American Veteran Enterprise;
  • become the spearhead for the economic development of the City of South Tucson through Council of the economic development affairs of LULAC 1057 and 1120;
  • become a representative to the City of South Tucson and the City of Tucson in the Veterans Court Committee;
  • a founding member sitting as Chairman of the Board of Adjusters of the City of South Tucson;
  • become advisory to the Mayor and Vice Mayor of the City of Tucson in Veteran Affairs;
  • established the first Veteran Memorial in the City of Tucson;
  • been honored with proclamations for our Veterans Affairs endeavors

The American Patriot Memorial exists as a grassroots movement toward the creation of effective and well-supported veteran’s assistance programming, in recognition of their honorable service. It also has as a secondary goal, related to its grassroots connections with the City of South Tucson, a desire to help further the assimilation of members of the Mexican-American community into the larger melting pot that is the United States of America.

American Patriot Memorial recognizes the incredible contributions of the Mexican culture to the American Southwest, and to the great and honorable service to this nation of members of the Hispanic community.

As part of its larger goal, the American Patriot Memorial, through its American Patriot Press, seeks to educate the youth of America as to their personal relationship to the United States of America. This is more than just learning basic civic duties, but rather about learning each individual’s role in keeping this nation free; it seeks to teach them what their rights are, and how to exercise those rights.

Being associated with an organization that is quintessentially American, and entirely committed to advocacy on behalf of veterans, will give Mexican-American youth a great opportunity to better their career opportunities down the road, while also helping them learn what it means to be American ideally. It’s not about race, ethnicity, culture, or even language, things which have been used to separate not bring into community.

Our national motto is “E pluribus unum” – out of the many, one. The American Patriot Memorial believes that this phrase suggests that we are many different people groups, from different backgrounds, and our differences make us stronger, but it is our ideals that unite us. These ideals are embodied in the men and women of the United States military – though, because of political directions it is often obscured to the average person. The men and women of the armed forces come from all walks of life, all creeds of faith, and a vast array of racial and ethnic backgrounds, yet, they exist as one unit, with one purpose.

Dedicated to the ideals of protecting the United States of America and what it stands for, through honorable service. These are traits that should be found in every American National as well, if we hope to have the country we want.

American Patriot Memorial wants to provide an opportunity to all students, but specifically Mexican-American youth—the chance to fully embrace their nation, and be seen as the major contributors to it’s future that they represent, by offering the following:



  1. The opportunity to write for the American Patriot Press. They will be able to interview veterans, and tell their stories. It will be a chance for them to learn about those who have served, and then have their stuff published with their name on it in the American Patriot Press, along with Arizona Bilingual, who is a strategic partner.
  2. Those who wish to only stay with the Press as long as they are in school, or those who want to pursue a writing career, will have created a nice resume builder for themselves, while also educating themselves about our veteran community by personal interaction with them.
  3. One of the most important things that we hope to accomplish with this, is to help those students who are specifically here as non-citizens, but are looking for a way to obtain their citizenship. By publishing with the Press, and being engaged in the Memorials larger work in the community, it is our hope that this will have great bearing on efforts to obtain their citizenship, by showcasing them as productive members of society, and people dedicated to the furtherance of the American ideal: honorable service.
  4. Connected to this, would be the wider community efforts of the Memorial in the creation of a Veteran’s retreat, whose vision it would be to have a large portion of its staff be drawn from the youth of the City of South Tucson, but also from our partnership with Pima Community College. This would once again give these children an opportunity to obtain immediate gainful employment, in the care of veterans, and would go a long way toward helping them meet their further life goals down the road.